What is the Tambopata Reserve Society (TReeS)?

TReeS is a UK registered charity and non-profit making organisationwith over 30 years experience promoting tropical rainforest conservation andsustainable development in the Madre de Dios river basin, in south-east Peru.

The particular focus is on the Tambopata river basin and its associatedprotected areas:

•Bahuaja-Sonene National Park (BSNP)


•Tambopata National Reserve (TNR)

TReeS aims to promote and support:


biodiversity conservation;


community-led projects relevant to the sustainable use of natural resources;


sound environmental management;

environmental education; and

research relevant to the above.

TReeS responds to local initiatives which address these aims. In this way, we generate
awareness of environ-mental issues, support local motivation and build local capacity
to generate solutions to environmental and developmental problems.

The majority of TReeS’ support has been for :


•Native communities’ initiatives on health care and the re-evaluation of traditional forest practices;


•Operational costs and community consultations on development issues by regional Federations;

 such as those for indigenous peoples (FENAMAD).


•Community projects such as eco-tourism initiatives promoting the sustainable use of local resources;


•Field studies, research expeditions and publications in the region by young Peruvian biologists.