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Tambopata Reserve Society



*Reporte Tambopata - published in conjunction with Conservation Int. and the Centro de Datos de Conserv-acion, La Molina Univ.Lima. The Report Contains 76 abstracts of investigations undertaken at the Explorer's Inn over the last 20 Years.

Price: £20.00

TReeS members Price : 15.00


*Bird Checklist - lists 592 bird species identified in the former Tambopata Reserved Zone (TRZ). The Checklist provides details of Habitat, Foraging Position, Abundance and Sociality of each species, is cross-referenced to ‘Birds of Colombia’ (Hilty & Brown), provides details about Tambopata and is illustrated with drawings by ex-RN E.Barnes. Suitable for visitors to other parts of SW Amazonia.

Price: £6.00

TReeS members price - £5.00


*Mammal, Reptile and Amphibian Checklist - provides details of all species found within the TRZ, and others identified within the Tambopata area; cross-referenced to Neotropical Mammals by L.Emmons. It is suitable for visitors to other parts of SW Amazonia.

Price: £4.50

TReeS members price - £3.50


* Where to watch birds in Peru - by Tomas Valqui. The book describes somewhere in Peru where most Peruvian bird species can be observed. It is divided in to 7 sections - The South-east; Cuzco & Southern Inter-Andean valleys; South-central Pacific slopes; Central Andes to Amazon; The North-west: Tumbes area; Maranon & Upper Huallaga; and Loreto. It describes 151 birding sites, explains how to reach them, where to stay, where to look for birds and what to expect. There are 60 site maps, 7 regional maps and 3 thematic maps. The 15 biogeographic bird regions are described and illustrated. There are descriptions and pictures of the 42 most important bird habitats. More than 1200 bird species are mentioned in the text and there is a complete up-to-date Peru bird checklist.

Price: £25.00

TReeS members price: £20.00


* Trees of Peru: an illustrated guide - the first comprehensive generic guide to Peruvian tree flora, one of the richest in the world. The contents include details of forest types of Peru, identification keys, descriptions of 140 tree families and 980 genera. The text is accom-panied by 900+ fine line-drawings and coloured plates, and 200 colour photos. The book is suitable for use in other regions of western Amazonia.

Price: £45.00

TReeS members price - £40.00



CDs (all recorded at Tambopata):


*Jungle Sounds (as for tape). Full details of sounds heard given on inlay card.

Price: £9.00

TReeS members price: £8.00


* Birds of SE Peru (as for Grove tape above). Full colour inlay booklet.

Price: £12.00

TReeS members price: £10.00


*Frogs of Tambopata - 70 frog species calls from the Tambopata area are identified. Produced by the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds & Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Price: £15.00

TReeS members price: £12.50


*Rainforest to Desert – limited edition, abstract design reflecting how the rainforest can easily turn to desert.

Price: £12.00 (XL & L)

TReeS members price: £9.00


*Curl Crested Aracari - based on a colour painting by rainforest artist E.Barnes on high quality T-shirts (bleached / unbleached).

Price: £12.00 (XL)

TReeS members price: £9.00 (XL)

*Earth Warrior - a design based on a Nazca line, in dark red. Unbleached

Price: £9.00(XL)

TReeS members price:  £7.50


Cards (all blank):


*Animal drawings greeting cards - based on line drawings by artist Laurel Hanna of a Tree-frog, Scarlet Macaw, Razor-billed Currasow, White Capuchin monkey, Blue-legged Tarantula, Yellow crowned parrot & Puma.

Price: £6.00 for 7 (including envelopes)

TReeS members price: £5.00 for 7 (including envelopes)


*Postcards - Tree-frog, Tapir and Butterfly.

Price: 5 for £1, any 20 for £2.50

Cassette Tapes (all recorded at Tambopata):


* Jungle Sounds (general interest) jungle sounds from dawn to dusk, by Simon Grove.


* Birds of SE Peru (birders tape - 93 species) Full chronological details of species heard listed. * Birds of SE Peru (birders tape - 85 species) recorded by the late Ben Coffey Jr. (There is an overlap of 57 species on the 2 bird tapes).


Price: £3.00 each, or any 2 for £5.00

DVDs (produced by John Banks):


*'Diversity in the rainforest’ - a unique record of rainforest diversity. The 50 minute film features 150 of the 1230+ butterfly species (a world record) to be found in Tambopata and, potentially, a number that can be seen in the course of a day exploring the forest. The footage is accompanied by a memorable soundtrack.

Price: £15.00

TReeS Members price: £13.50


*Video version - Now only £3.00: last remaining copies (PAL & NTSC versions available).

All prices include postage and packaging.

Cheques payable to "TReeS"

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise go to support the TReeS Becas programme.